Miss Jasmine — Garden Face Sitting and Ball Cropping

Miss Jasmine — Garden Face Sitting and Ball Cropping

What a beautiful day to be in the yard face sitting your slave. Miss Jasmine looks splendid in her sexy two piece lingerie set and she is sitting on her slaves neck, stretching out and enjoying the sun. «My neighbors are probably checking me out right now» she says as the camera scans to the next door house. There’s several young women living there, hopefully they can learn something about how to treat men. Now Jasmine slides up so her ass is completely covering his face, this time in reverse position. She sits back, arching her back to insure a tight seal. The slave is enjoying the ‘great outdoors’, warm day, luscious ass on your face until the tranquility is destroyed by Jasmine’s crop across his cock and balls. LOL.Now the struggle is real, pain and the need to control his air as Jasmine loves sitting down for as long as possible. The slave is soon trashing around and kicking his legs in the air. It makes Jasmine laugh. Now she turns around into a forward position , the camera gets nice and low giving you an amazing view of her private parts and body. She again sits in reverse position and this time extends her legs, to insure maximum weight on his face, and again crops his balls. Satisfied she has made him suffer enough she makes him get up and crawl to the pool. She chases after him flogging him all the way. Ah, summer!

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