Mira Cuckold – Public Training – Public Ruined Orgasm

Finally the summer heat has arrived and I can start my outdoor martial art workouts. I love to workout in the nature because it is a great opportunity to humiliate my slaves publicly .Today I go to the City Park with one of my slave because the best tool to practice is a human training dummy.

After I finished the training and I humiliated my idiot slave in many several ways ,he deserves some reward. I give him a fantastic handjob because he is really shy loser and the public cum is very difficult and humiliating for him. I tease and jerk his pathetic cock till he can’t stop anymore and I suddenly stop and remove any contact with his penis.Its so cool to watch as his penis bobs up and down as it ejaculates a lot of thick cum! He looks very pathetic as he lies on the ground in the Park and his whole body is covered with his cum while I laugh at him mockingly and I don’t care how many people see us!

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