I don’t like this slave as a human too much, he is stupid and greedy, so today I’m going to teach him how to be a good puppy for Me. Sounds easy for him, but there’s a catch: if he doesn’t manage to please Me – I will get him neutered. Just like people normally neuter misbehaving puppies. So now I will test him and decide if he will get to be a canine stud and be able to breed (not that I would be interested in him breeding) or will become a ball-less bitch. For a better transformation, I have a nice puppy mask for My slave, and a tail – these will make him feel more like he is supposed to. At least if he can keep the tail in, it seems his ass is so loose that I should get a bigger one for him.First I want to see if My slave can behave like a puppy: to wag his tale, to beg for the toy and then run after it and bring it so Me. If I’m pleased, I will allow him to sniff My ass, I know puppies like that. Then I want to see if there is even a reason to consider keeping his breeding capability intact: I want to inspect his chastity and his balls and then check if he can produce the necessary amount of sperm to justify the presence of balls. Can he satisfy Me, or should he be castrated and transformed into a bitch that will be pegged by My other, more masculine pets?..

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