Milked 5 times like a cow – Mistress Ezada draining out Her slave’s cum

After keeping My slave in chastity for 21 days, I decided to give him a release today. The proximity of such an event after this long period of chastity, combined with My looks in a thin latex dress, make him so aroused that his balls are really blue and his cock is gushing out of the chastity device through the small holes in it. When I unlock the cage, finally freeing the cock, you can see it growing with the cage still on it, that’s how horny he is! In these conditions, bringing him close to his first orgasm is a matter of seconds, and when I take My hands away, leaving it to ruin, he expels a huge load of cum in frustration. Immediately came the second, just as strong, and just as ruined. The third one needed a little more work, and I can feel he’s already had his release and is not aroused any more. But it’s not up to him and his cock is not under his control. He may not have an erection any more, but that doesn’t mean he will not come when I want him to. I rub his flaccid prick, smothering him with My big boobs until he cums the forth time. This time he wouldn’t have felt any pleasure even if I didn’t ruin his orgasm, this is just a mechanical milking. The fifth time is more of a discomfort than pleasure for him, but My concern is only to drain him, not to pleasure. Now I feel he is empty and can go back into the chastity cage… after he cleans his cum off My hands with his mouth.

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