Madame Teeze – Witches Brew – Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone… Come with me as I show you how I make my Witches Brew. Full of all my special and dirty ingredients that will turn you into my slave forever.. Hehe
One by one I add my well worn items into my cauldron- Socks, thong, fishnets, underwear, some of my special ’nectar’, and my spit..
My socks were worn for a week straight, so they were nice and stinky and full of my wonderful sweat.. My thong is unwashed and full of my cum and ass pheromones, so deliscious.. Some red fishnets that have never been washed.. And most disgustingly- A white thong I’ve been wearing every single day for whole month, just to get it specially prepared for my witches brew..
I stir and mix my disgustingly delicious brew as my slave waits patiently, bound to my milking chair.. I serve him my potion and it immediately starts working.. I can feel his cock getting hard through his chastity cage.. It’s been effected by my potion..
Now I can really start my torment, by edging him over and over and over.. Not letting him cum- just keep teasing and getting him closer to the edge.. I make sure he keeps that cum inside..
After countless edges, I try to get his cock back into his chastity cage.. But my position is just too good.. Slaves cock is rock hard, so I decide to keep edging and denying him..
If he cums, it will be collected and added to my brew for him to drink. And given some intense post orgasm torment as punishment for cumming without permission..

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