Madam Director – Two Quick Bisexual Encouragement Milkings

Sometimes I like to milk my boyfriend, Ben, before his date nights. I like the thought of draining his balls before making him hook up with guys. It’s extra sadistic to make him do gay things for me after he’s cum and isn’t as horny. I know that he’s going to suck dick for me tonight anyway because he knows that it turns me on. I love threesomes, but the threesomes that I have with my boyfriend are not exactly typical. My boyfriend is not allowed pussy. With me, he is only allowed to cum with my hand. Regular sex just bores me, but I get excited by watching him do gay things. Sometimes I participate in the threesomes, but oftentimes I just sip watch, and comment. The watching really gets me off. I always tell my boyfriend when he’s doing a good job and encourage him with a lot of positivity. My boyfriend is such a good boyfriend and knows just what I like to see. (8:30 long)

Two cumshots!

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