Madam Director – Sizing Up

This is a video for women who are ready to size up their husbands. No! I’m not talking about chastity! Chastity we only size down. That will be addressed in another video later. By ‘sizing up’ I mean I want to talk about introducing your husband to taking a bigger strap-on for you. I will address how to convince your husband to take a bigger dildo for you, and also, how to select the correct dildo for sizing up.
When we got married, I explained to my husband that our marriage would be unconventional. I told him from the start that I would be more like the man, and he would be more like the woman. That was the night that I locked him into chastity and that was the night that I made him take his first strap-on dildo in his ass. The first dildo was just a small training dildo, but now it’s time to size up!
Step by step I show you the sizing up process. I go over everything with a lot of explanation and detail. By the end of this video, you will be well prepared to size up your husband, too! There is also a little bit of a prostate milking bonus.

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