Madam Director – Punishment Fuck

I never really feel emotions, like anger, but sometimes I perform them with a good amount of believability. I had left a bunch of makeup by the sink and this careless slave got some water on it. I decide to display anger because I know that anger can be scary, and I like to induce fear or at least dread whenever I can. I tell the slave that it’s going to get a punishment fuck for being so careless with my personal things. I get three dildos of graduating thickness and length. I’m going to keep going up in size as I fuck its ass. This is a punishment, so it should hurt. I’m going to stretch this slave’s ass out until it’s sorry.
When something experiences pain during punishment, it naturally correlates the painful sensation with having done something to displease you. The logic being, that to avoid the painful feeling again, they will strive harder to please or at least not displease you. This particular slave though is a masochist. It’s been very hard to break him because no matter what I do to him he finds a way to accept and even enjoy it. He likes most pain. I keep sizing up cocks, bigger and bigger, and I never get the reaction I want. If I can’t see him really struggling and suffering, how will I ever know that he’s sorry? How can I be certain that the punishment has worked and that he will try harder to serve me better?
I throw the slave onto its back and start thrusting deep. This finally elicits the sort of reaction I want. In this position, I can also slap and poke at the slave’s balls while I fuck him. I get in there really deep and hear the sort of sounds I want to hear. I hope he’s sorry now. I pull out and size up a third time. Now we have a proper punishment fuck with a proper punishment tool! I start to fuck the sorry whore’s ass hard, but the slut starts moaning with what sounds like pleasure. That’s it! Chastity isn’t enough. Caning isn’t enough. Ass fucking with increasingly bigger cocks isn’t enough. Nothing’s enough, this seems to find a way to take perverse pleasure in every torment. It’s time for something more severe. I need to do something to this eager whore so vile and debased, it won’t even be able to live with itself. Thankfully, I know just the thing…

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