Lucy Khan – Muscle Step-Mommy takes your manhood

Lucy Khan – Muscle Step-Mommy takes your manhood

I’ve already sat on this dumb dumb’s face, objectified his ass, made him fuck his own manhole, and now it’s time to take away any dignity he has left. That’s right, I’m going to fuck him like the little bitch he is, and make him call Me “step-mommy” as I thrust My thick cock into his little boy booty. That’s right, I’m gonna fuck him so good that he’s going to regress to an earlier time and do everything that his new “Muscle Step-Mommy” tell him to do. No more free will for him! Look at the control I exert over this muscle bound bimbo as I hoist his legs in the air while pumping his boy hole and controlling his dick. He knows that the better he takes it, the more pleasure he gets, so you know he’s going to open wide for his Step-Mommy Dearest. Watch as I drill his hole into the couch and into the floor, inverting his cock over his face so he gets to enjoy a nice protein sperm shake once I finally allow him to climax. This hot fitness Step-Mommy scene ends with a bonus g0lden shower strip down scene that is male objectification at its finest…

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