Lucy Khan – Boys make the best pets

Even though I can’t seem to keep a plant alive, there’s no end of boys banging down My door hoping I’ll take Ownership of them. But since boys are a dime a dozen, I find that they make the best play pets! All you have to do is lock them up, put them in chastity, and leave them alone until you can practically smell their desperation…at which point, you can do pretty much whatever you please with them. You see, human pets live off desperation: once you take away their ability to orgasm, they become dependent on you for any pleasure at all! This vulnerable state of mind is what I like to cultivate, so I can turn My boys into little brainwashed fuck pets, who only live and breathe to fulfill My deviant fantasies. In this case, I’m turning this little subhuman slave into a big slut, so watch Me finger and fuck his hole until it becomes a dripping gaping gash. And once I’m through, I just abandon him there to marinate in his own juices…where he’ll remain until I’m ready to use My hole again…
you’ll love My Strap-On clips slut!

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