Lola – Edging Foot Job with Post Cum

1080 HD Lola’s slave is out of chastity for a milking. She edges the slave’s cock with her hands, then orders it to humiliate itself by fucking her soles. Lola casually drinks a Starsmucks coffee while the slave fucks her soles. This slave would never be allowed inside a pussy. All it gets are occasional feet to hump. Lola traps the cock between her arches and pumps up and down. She spits on the cock. Points and flexes her toes. Edges it for a while before finally letting it leak onto her well-lubed soles. The slave must admit that it is a loser before it is allowed to spill itself for her. After climax, Lola continues to stroke. The tormented slave shakes and fights to get away from the post orgasm stimulation.

File Size :1.22 GB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:16:50

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