Leena Sky, Tommy Toscano – Inadequate Slave

Mistress Leena’s boots are filthy, fortunately, she has Tommy Toscano to lick them till they shine. When he’s done with the boots, Mistress has a strap-on that needs cleaning too. Once everything is clean, Mistress warms Tommy up with a cane and flogger before checking on his anal training by fucking his ass with her strap-on. Not happy with how his training is progressing, she makes him beg for her to use a larger cock on him and then flogs him until she gets the obedience she deserves. But Tommy’s misdeeds continue in his off hours. Mistress Leena catches him jerking off in the shower, which is strictly forbidden. And now he’s due for a humiliating ass pounding with her big strap-on as he struggles to keep his footing under the running water.

File Size :204 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:20:41

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