Layla Kay – Blue Pill

Layla is having a drink in a quiet part of the bar when work colleague Justin walks in. He is fidgeting and looks uncomfortable. When she asks him what the matter is he explains that he has a date later and he’s taken a blue pill but now he is permanently erect! She offers to help him out if he will show her his cock. He happily complies, dropping his pants to show a huge boner. Encouraging him further, Layla bares her huge breasts and kneels, and tells him to stroke himself. He does, slowly and steadily, and Layla plays with her nipples and tits. Layla watches in fascination as he jerks himself to a cumshot that drips to the floor. He’s gonna need another blue pill!

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Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:06:31

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