Latin Sandra – The Vacation

Latin Sandra – The Vacation

Well honey thank you for bringing me on this awesome vacation and thank you for buying me this sexy monokini that has turned so many heads since we walked into the pool area. I should consider myself so lucky because you spoil me so much but there is still one thing that you are lacking honey do you know what that is? A penis big enough to satisfy my pussy. This vacation is going to be all about me getting satisfied which translates to you not fucking me AT ALL this weekend. But oh don’t worry I am going to be nice enough to let you be in the room and watch as my pussy gets used by the men with big dicks that I chose to fuck. You can’t satisfy me honey so that’s no longer my problem my only problem now is who to fuck and how many times to allow them to pleasure me this weekend. If it’s someone that fucks me really good then I might want some alone time with him and that means that you can take that little dick with you to the bar and wait there until I call the bar and tell them that it’s OK for you to come back to the room. That bartender that refilled my mimosa is going to be in our room in 15 minutes to pound my brains out so why don’t we head there now honey that way you can start by cleaning my pussy and ass for him that way I am ready for his big dick as soon as he enters the room.

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