Lady Valeska – Submission Surprise- Complete Movie

Valeska phones her long time partner at work and demands he comes home, as she has something urgent she needs to discuss with him. His mind is awash at what it could be, he desperately hopes she hasn’t found his crossdressing clothes and pornography that he loves so much, his stomach rolling with butterflies as he journeys back. When he comes into the lounge Valeska sits him down and seems in a good mood, as she tells him he shouldn’t be shy about sharing his sexual fantasies, she has her own as well, raking off her robe and revealing her superhot Dominatrix outfit. Charlie is shocked, as she tells him to kiss her boots and explains that their relationship will never be the same again. He will be dressed up femme at all times, will learn to take big strapon cock and become a fluffer the future manly lovers that she has decided to take from now on. He nods, already feeling his cock stiffen in his panties, as his new life as a she begins.

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Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:25:17

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