Kristina Rose – Marriage By Submission

The man Kristina has her eye on has not divorced his wife as fast as she would like him to. She expects him to quickly Divorce her, then Marry her. After all, who wouldn’t want to marry a sexy hot girl like Kristina! It time to take matters into her own hands. Kristina pulls him down to the mat by his ear, and then decides to use her strong legs to perform a variety of scissorholds that leave him gasping for breath.
Afterwards she takes his rock hard cock out of his pants and proceeds to tease and taunt it with her Lovely Lips and Soft Hands… Bringing him to the edge of Orgasm then denying him a release of pent up Cum! Over and over she does this. Finally, she uses her strong legs to choke back his Orgasm. In the End, he is begging to marry her and promises to divorce his not so hot wife!
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