Knockout Cop

Pixel applies a Hard Reverse Facesit & immediately handcuffs her slave’s hands together, binding him securely for the intense Facesitting Punishments that are sure to follow!

Pixel radios in, “Base: Suspect has been apprehended. I’ll be bringing him in after questioning…” Meanwhile, she has in mind only to smother & ride his face into submission! All the while, she mocks & laughs at his Smothered Slave state to accent her complete dominance! With Aggressive Face Thrusting between severe bouts of Prolonged Face Smothering, Pixel orders: “Stay down before I tell them you resisted arrest and have another charge added!”

With disgust of her slave’s lack of cooperation, she gets on the radio one last time: “Come in Base: I’ll be bringing the perp in soon. I’m done with my… ‘questioning…’ ” With this, Pixel prepares her victim for booking; but he is too active, so Pixel decides to seal his fate: “I can’t have you moving around, trying to resist again!” She applies an incredibly tight Reverse Facesit, holding his head in place & riding his face like a bronco as he bucks!

“Look at you flailing about! LMFAO!” He takes one last desperate breath, but The Facesit proves too much. Accelerated by his desperate kicking, he fades. As frequent waves of unconsciousness hit, he twitches out, enslaved by a Facesitting Borderline KO! Once she knows his consciousness is on the brink, she lifts her ass to momentarily allow his gurgled exhale. As soon as his breath catches up he has a brief moment of waking; but she interrupts his comeback by forcefully landing her perfect ass into his face with a giggle, stealing his chance to fade back into reality!

Masterfully balancing him along the border between Knockout & Awareness, Pixel decides: “You know what… I’m going to take some extra measures, just to make sure!” and follows up with a series of Powerful Reverse Headscissors so strongly applied, her diesel legs & ass vibrate with unadulterated strength! He gurgles in attempts to breathe, twitching as she tightens her HeadScissor Grip ever tighter. Then she ignores him as the pre-knockout is steadily then fully realized during her Headscissors! Relentless, Pixel finally releases her hold, lets his head drop, and sits squarely upon his punished face, smothering him until he has a moment to truly come to!

Helpless & panicked, her victim is making a TON of noise until she threatens: “Do I have to put you to sleep AGAIN?” Learning his lesson, his obeys & submits to her Face Smothering Ass, MORE Aggressive Reverse Headscissors, and even a Face Dancing Finale!

Ahhh… silence :)


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