Kenny – step AUNTY Paige watches kenny while his Wife is Away

Kenny’s wife is off on a vacation with her stud boyfriend so Paige is watching kenny for the week and picking up where they left off in the past. See the Paige-kenny history HERE. In this scene, Paige’s cuck hubby is away on business and she is overflowing with her lovers cum so that means kenny has to handle cleanup duties. She has him locked in the cage with his head sticking out and that big juicy cream pie right in his face. “Lick and suck it all up” she tells kenny. Do you like the taste” she adds and he replies “Yes Mistress.” Kenny is so lucky to be born into a family like his where men are trained to cater to the women. Paige really likes it and says she wants to see kenny licking her enthusiastically and it should be an honor to lick her cum filled pussy.Paige snaps photos that she says she will send to his wife and then adds “She is probably getting pounded by her big black lover right now.” She tells kenny she is proud of him and he says “You taste great.” She says she always tastes good, “out of the shower, after a run or right after a hard fuck.” Paige explains that she is keeping kenny blindfolded for his entire visit as she wants to see how he reacts to sensory deprivation. She now turns around to put her ass in his face and as she asks if he can reach her pussy from there she accidentally blasts a really wet fart in his face. Kenny is used to farts but still grimaces a bit as it was unexpected. Now as kenny licks her pussy Paige starts to play with her clit. She tells him to please her and she sits right back on his face bending his neck. “I don’t care if this hurts his neck, his pleasure is me being pleasured.” Paige tells kenny she is thinking about her lover and tells him she told her BF that she also uses him as her toilet. Paige talks a bit about their back story and then gets lost in her sexual pleasure. She has a strong orgasm, touching her clit while kenny licks her pussy lips. As she gets up to leave she tells him to stay there, “I’m going to need my ass licked soon.”

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Duration :00:07:07

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