Kelle Martina – Officer Hung

Kelle Martina – Officer Hung

I have contacted you online with a particular request. You’re a college student, you have been looking into working on the side as a freelance stripper to cover up for your study costs. In your ad, you advertise exotic dancer services to help yourself to pay for your books. We get together in a motel room. You feel a bit insecure, as it’s your first answer to a call. I have requested the stereotypical dirty cop lap dance fantasy. But you have a kinky secret that is going to turn things around.

You come back into the room. Something unexpected happened as you, Miss Jekyll, have become your alter ego: Mister Hung. Fully dressed as a naughty stripper cop, but with a well-hung penis. You walk around the room with your high heels and sheer stockings, waving your member as you pass by. Authoritative, you handle your baton in your hands and shout about how “hard” this experience will become. Make me call you “master” and “sir” when you get on the police outfit on the video.

You say that you don’t feel like dancing tonight but I will receive a lap dance anyway. Then you do a lap dance on me, seductively alternating between sitting on my lap and turning, making me suck your realcock and your baton. Also lots of shots of your tongue licking your upper lip.
You start taking your clothes off. You take your accessories first, the cop dress, your bra. At the end you end up only with the realcock, garters, stockings, and high heels. You keep masturbating the realcock and make me desire it. You assure me that’s what I need inside me. You reach for a condom and put it on, showing your hard cock covered. Then you change your mind and take it off, telling me that instead, I will enjoy it more if you come inside of me.

You untie me and grab me by the legs, penetrating me with hip movements. You get increasingly more excited and ready to come inside me. You have an evil look on your face as you are about to come. Then, for a short moment, you enter in a trance and return as Miss Jekyll. Your look changes completely as you’re both surprised and embarrassed to be on top of me, but you cannot stop coming and keep going. You exclaim: “Oh no, not again…” as if it were not the first time mister Hung gets you in trouble. You keep apologizing, while you come uncontrollably: “I’m so sorry, uh… oh…”. As you finish off, you step aside, mortified, as I can see you still with your hard cock for the last time, you pick up your clothes, turn away and flee the scene.

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