Kat and Natalya – Make Old Mans Dick Throb by Edging and Humiliation

Old men are so fun to play with. Making them beg on their knees to jerk it. In this clip Kat and Natalya free the old man from his chastity cage. They make him beg like a mutt pleading to jerk. They allow him to jerk and he is so hard because they are gorgeous and humiliate him. STOP!!!!! They demand him to stop stroking. His dick is throbbing its moving up and down. Hes on edge and can barely take it. The girls smack their asses and put their feet in his face. They play stop n go til he is on edge ready to burst then they quickly tell him to get it soft and they shove it into his cage again.
….Remember who is in charge of your orgasm ????
Princess Crystal

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Duration :00:10:06

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