Juliette Jewels – Chasity Released Upon Crossing Dressing And Dick Sucking

Stripper Step-Sister loves to fuck with you – You meet your step Step-Sister at the club where she works. Three weeks ago she tricked you into locking up your cock and leaving the keys with her. You’ve done everything she’s asked of you and been sooo good she’s finally giving you a chance at release!!

You’re taken to the back room where she begins to strip and grind all over you, getting you all worked up. After a few minutes she retrieves the key and spends some time teasing you about release before telling you the conditions for freedom. She’ll let you out if… you do a dance on the main stage for all the johns and her hot coworkers. She throws you a sexy bikini, some fishnets, and a pair of stripper heels to put on for your performance and shows you a few moves to rile up the crowd.

After your dance you meet her in the back. Judging by her smile, you did an alright job! She has a few pointers for you and actually got the number from a john who wants to meet you! In return for his number she gave him your key, looks like your nights not over yet….

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