Jordan Tyler – The Sounds Of Success

I’ve been having some trouble having an orgasm with my girlfriend, and needless to say, it’s caused some problems in our relationship. Not wanting to lose her, I agreed to get some help. I ran across an ad for the Sexual Counseling Center and decided to give them a call. Their ad talked about a new “experimental” treatment that has been quite successful so far. And they had some very glowing reviews from satisfied patients. I arrived for my appointment and was met by their head “doctor” Sarah DiAvola. I’ll admit it was a little embarrassing discussing this problem with a woman, but Sarah is a medical professional, so I have nothing to worry about….right?? Sarah had me lie down on the table and take my clothes off while she prepared the treatment. I looked up and saw her with an assortment of long, metal rods of various sizes. I asked her what they are for and she said it’s part of the treatment. I was getting nervous, and then she told me they go IN my dick!! WHAT?? Now I was really nervous, but she assured me it’s very effective, and that I’m doing this for my relationship. How deep did the treatment go?? Did I need to go up in size to fix my problem?? Was Sarah able to successfully “treat” me?? Let’s just say my money was well spent.

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