The rules are simple: Start stroking when I tell you to, and don’t stop unless I tell you to. Stroke how I say, when I say. Make it through the clip, until I give you permission to cum. If you spill early, you have to try to ruin it, owe me $25, and you have to start the clip again from the beginning on your next try. Sounds kinda easy, given that this is 33 minutes long. But what if I told you that I spend at least a third of that completely NAKED? What if I tell you there is oil involved? What if I divulge that I’m going to tease you with EVERY. GORGEOUS. INCH. of my body….from the tips of my pretty toes, to my peachy ass, sexy back, hot lips and mindfucking eyes? Mmm. I wonder how many times you’ll have to play this one through, before you succeed…if you ever do…

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Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:33:01

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