JJ Graves, Arabelle Raphael – Rubber Boy : Arabelle Raphael Destroys Latex Freak JJ Graves

As Arabelle Raphael enters the room shining in latex, her hungry whore JJ Graves is chained to the
ground awaiting her. Wasting no time, she starts off by going straight for his eager asshole. Slowly
unzipping him, she reveals his already plugged hole and gets right to work. Seductively lubing
him up, she uses an assortment of toys to get him ready for her big dick. Having his torso and
arms fully restrained in a latex body bag, JJ is set on a platform helpless, while Arabelle rubs her
shiny tits all over his body, teasing and smothering him with some breath play and humiliation.
She edges and denies him many times while fucking his ass with a huge double ended dildo. She
continues to edge him while sitting on his face, so it’s hard to hear his muffled pleas to cum. In the
last scene, we see them both naked with Arabelle using her throat to get him ready for her wet
pussy to ride. To finish, she stands over him with a Hitachi, making herself cum while
commanding him to stroke his own cock to completion.

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Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:52:55

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