Jasmine Mendez – Premature Ejaculating CEI Cage Pet

Jasmine Mendez – Premature Ejaculating CEI Cage Pet

Custom: First 10 minutes scene. A man is tied to a bed. (Real man.) You appear in a sexy maid dress.
When a man asked why he was tied up here, You tell him that your par-ents died in a car accident and made this plan. (You call me the young sir.)
Tell him you’re going to castrate him, make him his slave, and steal all his property. And you take off his pants and underwear. Tell him he can’t feel anything once he’s castrated so he can get you the last orgasm.
Put up your skirt and show me your ass. And ask him if he wants this ass. you sit on his cock. And rub his cock with your ass.
After a while, Play with ass and you stop. And tell him you can’t have my ass because he’s dick so small. Tell them you’ll do something else instead.
You start blowjob. And make him go And ask him what was his last orgasm? And you cut his cock. He fainted and the camera goes off slowly.
Second 10 minutes scene I wakes up tied to a kitchen chair And I see you cooking sausage in the kitchen (Dress is the maid’s clothes) And you laugh saying this sausage is my cock.
And put up your skirt and show me your ass. And now tell me you can’t have this ass.
You insult me by cooking. teasing me, humiliate me. And when you’re done cooking, you sit on me, lick and suck the sausage.
After playing sausage for a while, you bi-te it. And eat all the sausage, making fun of me. And showing me your ass.
Say congratulations on being a virgin for the rest of your life

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