Jade Indica Makes Him Squirt

Jade Indica Makes Him Squirt

Jade Indica is one of the hottest models in the industry. Relaxing on the bed topless after a long day, using his chest as a footrest for her high-heels, she stares at his cock with anticipation. Slowly, Jade strips off her heels, revealing stunning soles and beautifully maintained toes. “So, I’ve heard you like my feet,” she whispers, taking his cock between her feet. She squeezes his member between her toes, using just the right amount of pressure to bring him to raging hard-on. Biting her lip with arousal, she covers his cock and her soles in baby oil, then beings pleasuring him in earnest.

She brings him right to the edge, using just enough pressure with her soles and toes to keep him from cumming too soon. She sighs with pleasure while she takes him cock between her toes and teases his thick shaft. “Mmm, that’s it, footboy,” she coos while working his dick until his entire shaft is deep, engorged red. But that’s not enough for Jade- she keeps edging him until his shaft is nearly purple! Finally, she uses her soles to bring him to an earth-shattering orgasm.

Jade moans with sexual satisfaction while he spurts load after load onto her feet. When he’s finally finished, she wiggles her cum-covered feet for the camera, giggling over how hard she can make a man cum with just her sexy feet.

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