So basically, your wife wanted a bull, so she made you take sexy pictures of her and her friends. I bring the guy out, undress him in front of you and get him hard with all the pictures. I do things like make you worship him, beg him to fuck them, etc. all while we both humiliate you. He gets really into it with the grunting, stroking, and comments as he gets more and more turned on. At some point, he gets behind you to “fuck you”…while I have him point out which girl you are at the moment (there are multiple girls in sexy poses). When he cums, he pulls out and busts on one. So my attitude throughout the video – very bitchy, bossy, mean and laughing throughout. I call in my designated “bull” as I sit there…he stands with his crotch right up close to the camera. I tell him how your wife is unhappy and asked me to find her a real dick…a bull. I slowly undo his pants…pulling him out and making you worship him (things like putting his dick on the camera, making me kiss it, begging it to fuck your wife, thanking it). Since it is soft – I, pull out the phone and start with the pictures (all ass shots). While I go through them, I stroke him, he strokes too…he grunts and groans – making comments about what he’s gonna do…me too! I go through the pictures as he gets harder and harder. When I get to the pictures of her and her friends, I laugh and make comments about how they were all humiliating you…how he would be able to fuck any of them…how you would end up cleaning them or worshipping their dirty ass. Finally he directs you back to the pic of all of them on the boat…since he is all hard and worked up – he wants to show me what he is going to do to them. He goes behind me (the camera) and has I hold the picture up (to the camera). He starts talking to you like you’re the girl…”pull down your panties bitch” “open up for me” I ask him which one he’s fucking…when he points out a girl, I zoom in on them…and he goes from girl to girl as he “fucks” you. As he is about to cum…he pulls out and tells me to go to a pic of your wife’s ass…and he cums right on it. We both make you lick it off as I humiliate you!

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