Harmony Rose – Pleasing The Female

“Who do you live to serve?” Harmony asks the slave. “You Mistress” he responds almost out of reflex. “Prove it to me” she demands as she lies back and enjoys his oral ministrations. His tongue licks with the fire only a slave in chastity can provide, as it probes all around her soft folds wherever she needs it the most.

“How many days?” she asks, curious how long she has kept his penis locked up. “13 days” the slave sadly replies, instantly resuming his licking after having answered her question. But he can’t catch a break today as Harmony adds “13 more will do”, sealing his fate for another two weeks. But he knows better than to slack off now, anything other than peak licking performance will mean even longer without orgasm for him.

“Nobody cares about your pleasure, you are at my disposal” she adds, clearly not caring about how long he has had to wait for his own release. Harmony is quite horny today though, and eventually the slave does manage to get her off. But Harmony knows that slave ego is a bad thing, and she cuts him down quick with a heavy dose of post orgasm verbal debasement.

“What gender is superior?” she demands, “Women” he sheepishly answers. “I’m done with you” she finally adds, no longer having any use for him now that she has had her climax. Who knows, maybe the slave will get a chance at orgasm in 13 days. Maybe.

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