Happiness in Slavery II

The hunt has been on going for over a year for the two serial-executrices who take the souls of young men. The women are clever and very careful not to get caught but police have not learned what their motive is. They have partial DNA evidence to suggest the pair are women, and a survivor has given police sketch artist an accurate account of what they look like. The women watch the news and they are aware that they must be very careful. They’re on the news channels urging people to be on the look out for them, and worse than that, police are recommending young men, particularly those of a muscular or slim build, aged 18-25 stay locked indoors at night. The women have a motive and the police are making it very hard for them to stalk and capture quality prey.

A convenience store’s surveillance footage shows they are in New York City today! The two women break open the window of a home and carefully entered. There’s no one home. Lyra tells her lover Adria that if a handsome young man can not be found on the street, then they will bring him to them.

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