Good boys get to sniff my stockings

Good boys get to sniff my stockings

Did you think I wouldn’t notice a foot perv like you checking out my hot feet when you thought I wasn’t looking? My tits are practically spilling out of this revealing dress but all you have eyes for are my sexy stockinged soles. Well then, why don’t you get down here and lick my dirty shoes until they’re clean and maybe I’ll take them off so you can check out my high arches and long, slender toes. Want to sniff these sweaty stockings? Stick your nose right here and breathe in while I choke you with how sweaty sweet my feet smell. Wanna lick? Then you’re going to have to stroke for me. I want to see a big, hard dick before I take these stockings off. I know you can only cum to my sweet bare feet so you’re going to have to work extra hard to get these pantyhose off me.

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