Good Boys Eat Cum

Good Boys Eat Cum

There’s one skill that all very good subs must learn: to eat their cum. Good boys clean up their messes. Good boys eat their loads, and you want to be a good boy for me, don’t you? Yes you do! So today, you’re going to master the submissive art of CEI. Whether you’ve eaten it before or not, you WILL eat your cum today. Or you you’ll face the consequences. This will be a big sub achievement for you.

Start stroking. Have you ever been curious about how your own jizz tastes? Jerk jerk jerk! Of course you have. Edge that cock for me! I’ll tell you exactly why good boys must eat their cum, and then I’m going to make it so easy for you to obey my cum eating instructions.

Slow down your strokes. Are you DRIPPING? Scoop up your precum, and lick your finger clean. Such a good boy! That first taste of precum is making you so eager for more. I’m going to take my time with you, teasing and edging until the only thing left in your mind is the overwhelming desire to be a good boy.

Closer and closer to cumming, you’re so horny and obedient now, aren’t you? You’re just begging to eat your load for me. To play with it and then swallow it all down. My countdown begins…5-4-3…you’re about to find out just how GOOD it feels to be MY CUM EATER.

If you don’t? It’s penalty time.

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