Goddess Zephy – Used as foreplay for My date

Goddess Zephy – Used as foreplay for My date

This is the BEST foreplay!! Sitting on my loser cucky’s face–making him taste my sweet pussy and lick my asshole clean for my hot boytoy to fuck!! loser has to prep me and lick everywhere my stud’s cock will be, and since I will also be rubbing his huge dick with my feet, my cucky has to lick them too!! I tease my slave’s cock as he sniffs my godlike asshole, completely denying his release. The humiliation of my slave is so hot, I orgasm all over his face, then have sex with him and lay down another!! I verbally humiliate my loser while flaunting my sexual power as his cuckoldress, then spit in his face–leaving him completely emasculated and left in chastity, thinking about my sexy little goddess feet while I’m out getting fucked by a real man!! hahaha!!

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