Goddess Violet – Big Shiny Ass and Wet Farts

Goddess Violet is kneeling on the bench, her big beautiful butt in the faces of two slaves. She orders them to oil it up. She tells them her ass looks even hotter when it glistens. Everything with slaves is a competition so they try to outdo each other in applying the oil. One of the slaves loses his head and slaps her butt twice and Goddess is shocked. She takes his head and slams his nose into her butt crack and lets out a nasty fart. The other slave looks a bit dumbfounded, he would have slapped her ass for a fart. After the slave has adequately snorted the entire fart, she pushes him back and tells the other to get his nose in her crack quick. As his nose is half an inch from her anus she gives him a nice big fart too.”My ass is so big I can go through an entire bottle of oil” she says, ordering them to oil it some more. She decides to punish the slave that slapped her ass by sending him back to his cage and reward the other by sitting on his face where he can experience the glory of her slick, plump ass and heavenly farts. He lays his head on the bench and she wiggles her ass above his face. It literally shines. She moves to within an inch of his face and gyrates her ass with her hands and then lets out a tiny fart. Farts are like snowflakes, no two are ever alike. She then grinds her ass on his face now that his nostrils are full of her gas. The oil from her ass transfers to the slaves head and now she can easily slip-n-slide on it. Her ass looks so amazing. She lifts up and farts in his face again and then twerks above his face and makes him beg for it. She sits down again and this time plans to keep him there unto he starts to kick frantically. She decides to see if he can last a minute. She tickles him a bit to fuck him up a bit. The slave starts to get frantic but she doesn’t get up until over a minute has passed. He gasps desperately and when she gets up she rewards him with another fart. Violet looks at the camera and says “These slaves just love my ass.” and so will you!

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Duration :00:06:36

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