Goddess Serina – No Nut November Gooning Game

It’s that time of year again where I mercilessly tease and temp horny sluts into being just on the verge of orgasming, and then make them stop. No Nut November is in full effect. I dressed him up in a sissy maid dress and bent him over to play with his asshole. I made sure my giant glass dildo stretched out his hole really good. He was already moaning from it so easily before I pulled it out and slipped my big strap-on dick in his ass. He was enjoying it so much I told him to flip over on his back so we could play red light green light. When I said green light, he would start jerking his little dick and when I’d say red light he would pause, moaning and whimpering, waiting for my command to be able to goon more while I was fucking his ass. I kept fucking him while we played red light green light, and right as he was about to orgasm, I slapped his hand away and ruined his orgasm. Think you could last even as long as he did without cumming? I dare you to try

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Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:12:29

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