Goddess Lilith Ivy – Slip n slide gets Messy

Goddess Lilith Ivy is pouring oil on her slaves face as it’s slip-n-slide day. “While I’m riding his face he’s going to be licking my ass” she says. She then asks the slave if he has been working on his tongue exercises as she wants to feel his tongue deep inside her when she’s sitting on his face. Once the slave has rubbed the oil all over his head Lilith Ivy sits on his face and reminds him “Remember the most important thing is that while I’m slipping you’re sliding your tongue up my ass.” She starts to glide and you get a nice view from behind her lovely ass as the slaves tongue eagerly works her ass crack and butt hole. Mistress loves how it feels and what a thrill for the slave.She starts to gyrate her ass all over the slaves face, then bounces on it a bit before gliding again so she gets the full pleasure of the oil and the tongue. The well trained slave keeps a very active tongue and shows his devotion to her asshole. He wants to be her toilet. Lilith Ivy then gets up on the bench and sits the slave in a reverse position so now he gets all her weight and she can really feel his tongue deep inside her. “Are you looking for nuggets up there?” she asks him and then says she knows what he likes more than slip-n-slide and that’s being her full toilet. “A tongue up my ass always loosens me up” she says. She tells the slave to open his mouth and says she wants to hear him chewing. “Dirty toilet” she says as she continues to shake her ass on him until she decides it stinks too much in the room and she gets up and leaves telling the slave to make sure he cleans up after himself. See all our slip-n-slide clips HERE!Read More

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