Goddess Hazel and Mistress Mercy – So Dirty so Delicious

Goddess Hazel and Mistress Mercy are face sitting their slaves in the dungeon. As the scene opens the slaves are already kicking for air under their asses. They ignore the kicking though as they have standards, a period of time a slave should be able to reach without needing to breathe. After some more kicking they left up and let them catch their breath. What a shame for everyone involved that they need to breathe, the girls would just love to sit on their faces to watch a movie or maybe be rimmed for an hour straight. The girls do take solitude in the fact that at least the slaves are suffering for them though.Hazel and Mercy decide to test their slaves and see who can hold their breath the longest. As they sit full weight Hazel mentions that she hopes they enjoy the smell because they didn’t wipe their asses. The ladies turn and sit in a forward position and Mercy comments how she uses her slave as a full toilet. They again sit as long as they can to see who taps out first. “Enjoy this because when our boyfriends get here you’ll be locked in your cold cage for the night.” Hazel says “I’ll come down in the morning and they’ll probably be spooning. Hazel sees her slave is erect so she runs her fingers over his cock and balls. By now the slaves are frantic for air so once the girls lift their asses the slaves gasp for air. Times up! They tell them to crawl to the cage, the ass licking has got them warmed up for some sex with their studs. Hazel and Mercy kiss and tell the slaves they will see them in the morning.

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