Goddess Fiona – Stepmom LOVES Cum Eaters… Please Eat it For Me!

I’m your Stepmom and while you and I are sharing the house for the weekend, I overhear you having a conversation with your girlfriend about how badly you want to eat your cum!!!! And your girlfriend is NOT having it. You’re pleading with her, asking her to help you, telling her how its not a huge deal that you want to do this! All that bitch can do is shame you…. I’m sorry – but WHAT A BITCH! How does she not know how hot it is to watch a guy eat his cum!??!?!? Wow. I’m appalled at the way she treated you. I sneak off and later call you into my boudoir to let you know that you should NOT feel bad for wanting to eat your cum… because there are girls out there who actually LOVE to have a guy eat their cum for them! Wink wink. One thing leads to another and before you know it… your really hot stepmom is worshipping your hard dick, feeding you your cum and exclaiming how sexy you look while eating it! Shhh don’t tell anyone babe, I can’t get over how turned on I am!!!!! I know I’m your stepmom, but you can eat your cum for me WHENEVER you want….

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