Goddess Evelyn – Proving your Beta Status

You’ve been serving Me as My cuck for many years now, and you long to be an Alpha. You get so sexually frustrated seeing what I do with Alpha men, knowing I will never do it with you. You’re so tired of cumming like a bitch. You want to cum like an alpha! You finally get the courage to bring this idea to Me. You tell Me that you’ve changed, and you now are an Alpha. I laugh in your face, but humor you by offering you a challenge. If you pass then I’ll allow you to date Me as an Alpha, but if not then you agree to your beta status forever, and never bring this up again. You agree immediately. The challenge is this- Stroke in the loser position for 5-7 mins without cumming on your own face. Easy for an Alpha, right? I pull out the oil and start teasing you with My perfect curves. You feel yourself getting weaker and weaker as time goes on. There’s no way you can last, it’s too hard…you cum all over your beta face. I laugh, but I’m not satisfied yet. I want to show you that’s you’re a beta. I make you get the dildo and fuck your face with it. After a short time you’re already ready to cum again, but I make you take your hands off and switch to fucking your ass instead. You cum again in the loser position, and are permanently reminded of your beta status. You will never ask to be an Alpha again.

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