Goddess Amelia – We call you dickhead for a Reason

Goddess Amelia has her slave laying on the bench with a big dildo stuck to his forehead. “We call you dickhead for a reason” she tells him as she hovers over the dildo then sits on it. “How lucky are you getting to fuck me” she tells him. She rides the dildo and imagines it’s her boyfriend. She slaps the slaves dick to insure he knows she has no use for it. She then decides to make the dildo more stable by making him hold it in his mouth. The slave gets a nice view of her ass and butt hole but just as the slave is eyeing it she blows a fart in his face. Now satisfied she pulls out and slaps the slave with the dildo then makes him lick it clean. She then uses the slave as a chair, sitting on his stomach and using his bent legs as a backrest, and rubs her pussy to another orgasm. She sticks her fingers in his mouth, to lick them clean, then shifts up and sits on his face saying she needs to use him as a toilet. She blows another fart in his face. She then does her business before lifting up and telling him to lick her clean. Just then Mistress Mercy walks into the room and asks what’s going on. “Nothing, just getting him ready for you babe” She replies.

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