Goddess Amelia, Miss Sadie, Mistress Mercy – Limp dick Challenge

A slave is laying on the bed with his feet on the ground. Goddess Amelia, Miss Sadie, Mistress Mercy are kicking him in the balls, no idea the camera is even running but a nice behind the scenes peak at what might happen inbetween sets. After some laughs they tells him to lay on the bed. Meanwhile there are three other slaves in the hallway with their heads under the toilet table. First Miss Sadie gets on the bed and starts to pat his balls but it’s only a decoy because soon all three girls are on the bed and taking turns slapping his nuts. Amelia sits on his face as they continue to punish his balls. She moves off and shoves a foot in his mouth but through it all his balls continue to be punished.
The girls look at all the slaves with disgust, all 4 of them are limp. They tell them to play with themselves. They tell the slave on the bed to stroke until he comes and then the other slaves will have to cum and eat it. Despite all the pleasure and pain the slave can’t quite bring himself to orgasm. They change the rules, if one of the slaves on the floor comes first the slave on the bed has to eat the cum. “First to cum gets to go to the fetish party with us as well” Sadie says. Amelia goes and sits on the toilet to encourage the others and it’s game on as all 4 slaves stroke frantically. Suddenly Amelia calls out, a slave is coming. The camera man races over to see one slave moaning and his stomach covered in jizz. Sadie slaps the slave on the bed and tells him to go eat the cum. He reluctantly brings his head down and Amelia uses her foot to bring his mouth onto the cum. The girls all laugh and tell him to lick it up.

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