Goddess Amelia – Do you want Me to Squirt in your face

Goddess Amelia has her slave locked in the cage, only his head exposed. She has him sniffing the fabric covering her pussy. She makes him rub his nose in her pussy and then tells him to open the snaps on her onsie with his teeth. He can’t do it so she tells him he can’t cum today as a result… but she does plan on coming and not only that she plans to squirt in his face. She undoes the snaps and his nose is right in her pussy now. She tells him to lick it. She starts to get quite aroused so tells him to get his tongue in her ass instead. She reaches for her vibrator and applies it to her pussy lips, then sticks it inside her wet hole. Soon she is thrashing about with pleasure while the slave is unable to reach her ass and can only watch. Soon she reaches orgasm and gets really wet, she takes the dildo and has the slave lick it. She pounds her pussy some more and soon she squirts all over the slaves face. She again makes him suck and clean the dildo. He thanks her and she replies “You were due for a bath anyways.” Satisfied she gets up and turns so she can sit on the slaves face. She sits full weight on it and her ass looks amazing. What a satisfying time for her, sexually pleasured and the pleasure of knowing her slave goes without.

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Duration :00:07:40

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