Goddess Alexandra Snow – Teach You a Lesson

Description: It’s so good to see you again. I knew you couldn’t resist coming back for one of our “late-night study sessions”. You’ve been having some trouble concentrating in class. I want to fix that today. I’m going to fix that by taking my whip and striking your ass until you beg. Then when I’m tired of your begging, I’m going to fill that mouth with the heel of my boot. Then I’m going to fill your ass with my cock. The only thing you’ll be able to think about is how full that asshole of yours is getting. I’m going to teach you a lesson all night long. This lesson, my dear, is mandatory.

Published: Jul 13, 2022

Keywords: Bondage, Corporal Punishment Fantasy, Female Strap-On, FemDom POV, Masturbation Encouragement, Older Woman / Younger Man, Punishment Fantasy, Strap-on POV, Taboo Fantasy, Whipping Fantasy

File Size :651 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:11:05

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