I just love when I have a slave who really has no idea what’s coming to him. This particular slave loves it when I’m sweet and sensual, but really has no love for any kind of pain. I put him into a leather CBT device that constricts his balls and cock tightly, then begin my little game. I stroke his cock ten times, then I slap it. I stroke it, then slap it. He’s on the verge of coming within the first few strokes, but as soon as my slaps start, so does his erection… only to have me bring it back up with another slick stroke or two. All this starting and stopping has his cock in agony, caught between the sadistic slaps and swift jerks. Perhaps I can be kind and allow him to cum? Oh no.. all that arousal has made his cock swollen and sore in the leather straps and it’s so swollen that it becomes painful. He knows that I won’t be done until he cums and I’m determined that he will find no pleasure in it. Finally, I the orgasm… and deliver several post-orgasm slaps and over-stimulated strokes to make it clear that I’m in charge.

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