Goddess Alessa – Degradation Junkie

Hello my little degradation junkie. It figures that you’re aching for more degradation. So let me ask you this… Are you aware that you’re pathetic? Do you know that you’re irrelevant? Are you aware that you are a worthless piece of putrid trash? Oh that got your cock hard, didn’t it? This is too easy. Hearing me telling you the truth about yourself really gets you jerking, doesn’t it? Pathetic. Other clips just don’t seem to scratch that pesky humiliation itch that you have. No, what you need, what you deserve is a mean, verbal tongue lashing. It’s the only thing that gets that pathetic cock off. You need this.

Let me lay it out for you, don’t worry, I’ll keep it simple, being that you’re too stupid to follow. You are unwanted and I mean that in every sense of the word. Do you understand that? No woman in the world wants anything to do with you. What do you have to offer? What are you good for? Can you answer that? I’ll tell you… Nothing! Only an incompetent disappointment like you would get hard from being called a loser. You are a failure. You are a nothing. You are a nobody. And only a failure like yourself would get hard from this. Isn’t that right?

Tell me that my middle finger doesn’t make your dick jump. You’re so easy. Look at you, you’re stuck to your chair, probably smelly, pumping away, drool dripping down your chin as you jerkoff to my verbal humiliation because you can’t get laid. You can’t even get a date. You might as well give up now. You give the word pathetic a whole new meaning. I hope this makes you cry lol! And you know what the best part of this is? I’m not acting. And you know it. You know, you can hear it in my voice, that I mean everything that I’m saying to you. I simply cannot stand fucktards like you. You make my skin crawl, you make all women’s skin crawl. In fact, you make me sick!

You’re not a man, you give men a bad name. You are garbage. You are nothing. Zero. And you’re certainly not worthy of staring at me and jerking to me which I know you are, you pathetic fuck! Fucking gross! What gave you that right?! So I want you to apologize. Apologize for being trash, apologize for making me feel icky that you’re watching me right now because you are absolutely disgusting. And after you’re done apologizing, I want you to say, ‘I don’t matter. I am worthless piece of trash. I get hard to Goddess’s middle finger. I am useless, worthless, pitiful.’ Good boy lol.

Now tell yourself that you will never amount to a thing. What are you good for exactly? Jerking your revolting excuse for cock, day in and day out, to a bitchy brat who’s reiterating your life story lol. I feel so bad for any woman who has ever had to cross paths with you. My pussy would dry up if I ever saw you. How does that make you feel? I’ll bet it made your cock hard. That’s so fucked up. You should feel ashamed. You nauseate me, you creepy fucking perv. Don’t look at me, look at my middle finger. Look at this loser sign that embodies you perfectly. You’re a loser, a loner, a nobody, a chronic masturbating reject.

You are fucking worthless. Do you understand? I truly mean that. Cry about it, cry and jerk and use your tears as lube. Jerking is the only thing you’re actually good at doing. I hate your guts. I despise you. I would spit in your stupid face if you were in front of me right now. You don’t deserve an ounce of respect from anyone. So jerk yourself into a frenzy thinking about how truly pathetic you are, how repulsive you are, and how you’ll be alone for the rest of your pathetic life. Sit there and wallow in your misery, in your loneliness. Just you and your hand. Even your hand deserves better lol!

Now with every pump of your unwanted cock, I want you repeating these words, ‘Loser. Lowlife. Garbage. Trash. Fucking ugly. Pathetic. Worthless. Stupid. Scum.’ Repeat those while you pump your cock, remind yourself that you’re all alone, that you’re absolutely disgusting and unwanted. And when you’re done, I want you to crawl into the corner with cum all over yourself and cry like the little bitch that you are lol!

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