Girl Bullies – Lily Lane Bullies Her Nerdy Neighbors

Lily Lane is totally fed up with her nerdy neighbors stealing her parking spot and she is not going to listen to any more whiny excuses. Lily barges into Juliette and Sam’s apartment to let those freaking dorks know she is calling the building manager AND the tow company. The timid little geeks are so afraid of getting in trouble that they literally kiss her feet while begging for one last chance.

Seeing how easily she intimidated the two roommates makes Lily realize they are very used to getting bullied and that just makes her want to bully them even more. She is going to make them relive their school days of wedgies, pantsing, butt kissing, and being mocked by tough pretty girls like Lily. Once she has Sam’s face squished underneath her perfect ass and finally scares Juliette into saying horribly humiliating things about her best friend’s boner. Lily is having so much fun she almost forgives them for the little parking mix up.

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