Gigi Allens – Pegged Pool-boy

Gigi Allens – Pegged Pool-boy

Naughty suburban Mistress Gigi is at home enjoying a Saturday afternoon beating slaves when the doorbells rings interrupting her play. It is the pool boy, disturbing her day once again. She has told him repeatedly to use the service entrance, but he never obeys her orders. She decides to put him in his place once and for all!
Gigi lures him inside to take a look at her massive strap-on cock, she orders him on his knees to it. Gigi bends him over the back of her couch and rips down his pants to take his ass. She thrusts herself deep punishing his ass with her cock. Next she has him take a seat on the cock riding like her fuck toy. Gigi finishes him off in pile driver, he cannot escape taking the dick full , full length. She kicks her employee out with a stretched, used up ass and new found respect for his employer.

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