Fuck For Absolution

I’m just here to help you find your way back to the light. Even if that means fucking you up the ass with a giant strapon.

While there’s construction going on in the church, sister Sydney takes confessions in a remote part of the building. Today she gets a special case. She can’t remember the last time she got such a big slut in her confession booth. This confession will take more than a few hail Mary’s to be forgiven. Sister Sydney decided to put this little slut on her knees to make her worship Sydney’s giant cock. First by sucking and deep throating it, but in the end, Sister Sydney decides that a good butt fucking is the best course of action in this case. It’s not yet clear that the pegging actually did any good to change the heart and soul of this little slut, but Sydney fucks her so hard until the slut confesses that she doesn’t love it anymore.


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