Forced Entry feat. Goddess Cheyenne

he is asleep in his bed. I know he is. I have been staking him out for months, a typical womanizer, a sexist pig. I will make him pay! I wait until the lightning crashes to break through the window. he is no match for My brute strength & My cattle prod jolts him into obedience with a quickness! he is more than willing to bend over like the slut he is and take My strap-on. He has no choice. I fuck the bitch good in every humiliating way possible. The tables have been turned on this playboy as I make him stroke his cock while intermediately shocking him with the electric prod. Finally in a degrading climax I wipe his cum all over his face. I let him know I will come back again whenever I want & he had better not tell a soul if he knows what is good for him. Now this fuck boy is walking the line.

Femdom, Humiliation, Electric Play with Cattle Prod, Pegging, Strapon Anal in Doggy, Missionary & Prone Bone Positions

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