Follow your balls into submission

What kind of training have you received as an ass slave? Don’t let your inexperience and lack of obedience keep you from reaching your full potential. It’s time to receive the ass training you deserve. I’m going to take you by the balls and have you sniffing my ass into obedience. Then I’m going to train your tongue to lick my ass until you can taste submission. Only then will you be ready to serve as my ass slave.

Goddess Melanie illustrates how to improve slaves’ ass submission abilities. She parades a slave around Her living room, holding it by a leash attached to its balls. She then stops, and has the slave on its knee start sniffing Her bare ass, with its tong out patiently waiting for the Mistress to give it permission to lick it. Finally She sticks Her ass in the slave’s face, and allows it to worship it with its tongue


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