Executrix Life Lessons

Executrix Life Lessons

It is a combination executrix /amazon / foot / ball bust fantasy. Not that complicated…really only requires you to be imaginative. I will send you 14-16 images(two emails)?to choose from. Please pick 7 or 8 images to narrate. The more creative you are the better. Have fun with it. As much description as possible.You decide. What led up the scene? What the male was thinking? What you and he both felt like? His last final thought?…again…you decide…you enjoy what you do/did. Etc etc etc….

“As I look back through my conquests, all the helpless, foolish men who have tried to stand up to me in the past, I am reminded just how pathetic they really are, all of them. All Men are slaves to their ridiculous sexual desires. There’s nothing they can do when faced with the incredible beauty I possess. Their greatest source of pride, and yet their greatest weakness, all stems from the same useless piece of flesh dangling between their legs. Because of your cock I absolutely own you, I have absolute control, I am your ruler, I am your God. So I have decided to share with you a few of my favorite conquests to enlighten you on how powerful I really am. I know when you see the size of these men it will make you question your own masculinity, you’ll do as all men do, compare your looks, strength, height, but most of all your cocks. You can’t help it, you are obsessed with your penises and that alone allows me to dominate you in every way……”

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